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Entre las diferentes alternativas que se ofrecen hoy en día a la hora de volar en globo aerostático nuestro equipo de vuelo sólo entiende esta gran actividad como una mejora constante. This results in multiple benefits for our passengers. Security is the foundation of our work but it is very important also that is fun, participatory and enjoy a happy day. When is the first time you fly balloon certainly is valued more than ever the total flight time.


MONDAY TO FRIDAY 760 860 1090 1420 1650
WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS 860 1010 1190 1520 1650


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*In case of cancellation by adverse weather conditions, the customer can return the 100% the amount or choose a new date.

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He balloon ride It begins early in the morning, before dawn. Full activity lasts approximately five hours, of which between 60 Y 90 minutes for the flight itself. A hot air balloon ride It is one of the activities of active tourism and adventure more exciting and safe that can be enjoyed.

Seville also includes a welcome coffee with pastries and sweets, A full buffet at hotel 4 stars for breakfast after the flight, and a celebration with champagne and souvenir diplomas delivery. All passengers are offered fresh water during the flight individual bottles. They will also receive a link to download a video of your adventure with photographic reportage HD experience, A few days after the flight. Of course, Liability insurance is included and as well as being mandatory in this activity. Nobody can offer more.


We meet our passengers at the meeting point. With the timely appointment we will get better flying conditions and therefore more likely to lengthen the journey. From there we move to the field takeoff Gloobo SUV vehicles. Virtually every weekend we usually take off from aerodromes our Gerena and Aznalcóllar, northwest of the province of Sevilla. We also offer flights in Cordoba, Ronda (Málaga), Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) and Granada-Guadix regularly.

We check weather forecasts for the last time and let our passengers entering the world of ballooning to go familiarizing with hot air balloon, its basic operation and simple safety rules.

The montage

Passengers who wish, can collaborate to mount the globe, as well as making the first photos and videos. From here all will be part of a team. The maneuver takes about inflation 30 minutes, sheath or balloon candle slowly filling the air provides a powerful fan. moments later, the pilot burner ignites and begins to gently warm the cold air inside until the balloon stands up, wearing their gorgeous colors in the countryside. Passengers are climbing aboard the nacelle, excited, flight hat standing and sharpen all five senses, because the climb begins. We float!

The flight

Once in the air the feeling of vertigo disappears having no connection to the ground and the wind is participating in our course. With the height normally appear different drafts with which we play at will. Overfly enclaves like the Green Corridor River, in the Aljarafe Sevillano and the Natural Park of Doñana (in the province of Sevilla).

The sensations felt are new as no friction, We walked immersed in the vastness of the air mass, at the same speed. The views are unmatched, It is also common to observe all kinds of wildlife during the balloon flight.

No sudden movements, or unpleasant. The nacelle is extraordinarily stable and almost say that it is the world moving beneath us, to offer its most hidden corners. The use of modern technology, new materials and the most experienced piloting techniques ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

The landing

Nacelle approaches land softly, We receive the latest indications of the pilot, as security posture, and landed, one of the most fun and exciting moments balloon flight.

If the wind exceeds 15km / h (8 knots) the nacelle can drag a few meters, always cause for laughter and anecdotes. The ground support vehicles have been in radio contact, keeping an eye on the path of the balloon and come to pick us up, and the material.


We moved with ground equipment to a sale nearby where we will take together a strong Andalusian breakfast (Seville is done in a hotel 4* with all the free buffet at our disposal). his praises, a moment to rest, chat and regain strength. Anecdotes flights, the history of ballooning and exchange of opinions are our favorite, also technical issues of our aircraft, a new world opens up to our passengers and we are delighted to invite, not in vain, We live for it.

Baptism Air

We opened some bottles of chilled champagne to, literally, baptize passengers with an aeronautical name, they bring luck to remember, and you hand them a diploma from Hot Air flight. Since then they have become a real travelers Wind, as we like to call.

Tradition and the meaning of this great moment to spare will be remembered for passengers. To end, We provide all together to join us in the next life flights and light winds. Health! It has been a pleasure.

See you soon

after a 5 shared intense hours, the activity is coming to an end. Passengers sometimes exchange their email addresses to send photos and keep in touch for future adventures. In Gloobo carry photos and videos in high resolution of all the experience are available to passengers with a link to your email. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and especially that we recomendéis