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You are visiting (Hereinafter WEB) ownership of PENTABRAND S.L. (Hereinafter HEADLINE) with trade name YOMEABURRO. Data of interest:

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DAYS: B- 90401266
Phone: +34 955 468 404


At the time that you, as a user, access the WEB, will be accepting our LEGAL WARNING, whose content regulates access, use and conditions of page. "USER" means, every person who visualizes, uses, administers, edita, collaborate, suscribe, accede, browse and / or participate in the services and activities of the WEB.

The use of the WEB implies acceptance and adherence to the Conditions of Use, that in this section are prevented. The owner reserves the right to modify the General Conditions of Use in order to adapt them to the current legislation applicable at all times, jurisprudential developments and normal market practices.

The General Conditions of Use do not exclude the possibility that certain Services on the WEBSITE, for its particular characteristics, be subdued, also, to their own particular conditions of use.


The Service of this WEB consists of making known to the users of the network, the services provided by the HOLDER, consisting of tourist activities and excursions, reason why this web page can be defined as a portal to CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL.

The owner is the only one who participates in the creation of advertising for this site, incorporating work done to other clients / users. By incorporating web pages created by the HOLDER, links are contained (links) to other pages that the service cannot control and from which, so, will not assume responsibilities for the content that may appear on third party pages.


The user agrees to use the WEBSITE, its contents and services in accordance with:

  1. Laws or any other rule of the applicable legal system.
  2. These Terms of Use.
  3. Privacy Rules.
  4. Good manners.
  5. Public order.

The user agrees not to transmit, Introduce, disseminate and make available to third parties any type of material and information (programs, virus, macros, applets, ActiveX controls, data, contents, drawings, sound and image files, etc.) that are contrary to the law, public order or that cause or are likely to cause any type of alteration in the computer systems of the WEB or third parties.

Access or use of the WEBSITE by the user implies acceptance by the user of the Legal Notice published at the time of access., which will always be available to users.


YOMEABURRO undertakes to make its best efforts to avoid any error in the content that may appear on the Web. In any case, the HOLDER will be exempt from any responsibility derived from possible errors in the contents that may appear on the Web, provided they are not attributable to him.

YOMEABURRO does not guarantee availability, access and / or continuity of the WEB operation. Likewise, will not be responsible, with the limits established by Law, of the damages caused to the USERS as a consequence of the unavailability and lack of continuity of the WEB and its Services. YOMEABURRO will not be responsible for damages of any nature derived from:

  • A) The use that Users may make of the materials of the Service, either banned or allowed, in infringement of intellectual and / or industrial property rights, confidential information, content of the Service or third parties.
  • B) The performance of acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising.
  • C) Unavailability, mistakes, access failures and lack of continuity of the Service.
  • D) Failures or incidents that may occur in communications, deleted other incomplete broadcasts.
  • E) The non-operation or problems in the e-mail address provided by the User.
  • D) Of the possible appearance of viruses in related external search engines in the portal (web pages that are advertised).


Industrial and intellectual property rights over works, Protected benefits and any content or elements on which intellectual and industrial property rights that are used on the WEBSITE belong to the OWNER. The User will not acquire any intellectual or industrial property rights through the use of the SERVICE, nor any use license on such elements.

The "content" of the Service is understood, The texts, Photographs, images, icons, technology, software, databases, and other audiovisual or sound content, as well as its graphic design and source codes used in the Service. This enumeration is made by way of illustration and example, not limiting. Especially, those relating to trademarks YOMEABURRO Y YOMEABURRO.

The text, the images, the graphics, sound files, animation files, the video files, the software and the appearance of the WEB are subject to protection by intellectual and industrial property rights. Those elements cannot be validly and legitimately copied or distributed for commercial use., nor may they be modified or inserted on other websites without the prior express written authorization of the OWNER. The USER is only allowed to view the contents of the WEB for their personal and non-commercial use.

The unauthorized use of the contents of the WEB or the infringement of the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of the OWNER will give rise to the responsibilities provided by current legislation. In your case, we will not hesitate to carry out, by our legal team, criminal actions, civil or otherwise as necessary.

Regarding the appointments of products and brands of third party collaborators, the HOLDER recognizes in favor of their holders the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights, their appearance on the WEB does not imply the existence of any rights or responsibility of the OWNER over them.


USERS may establish a contractual relationship with the HOLDER, through the contact form “Can I Help You Something?”; call number 955 468 404 or making an appointment, well in the URUARIO facilities, well in the owner's study.

The object of the "contractual relationship" is to provide services (graphic design) by the HOLDER and the payment of a fixed price by the USER. And it is formalized with the consent.


The WEB has links or hyperlinks that redirect to web pages of third parties outside the HOLDER, well as collaborators , either as a sample of works and creations of the OWNER. These links are provided solely to inform the USER of the existence of other sources of information related to a specific topic.. The inclusion of a link does not imply the approval of the linked website by the OWNER.

YOMEABURRO assumes no responsibility for the content, information or services that appear on these websites, that they will be exclusively informative and that in no case imply a relationship between the HOLDER and the natural or legal persons who own them.

The USER previously warned, acknowledges and accepts that the use of the contents of the linked web pages will be at its sole risk and responsibility and exonerates YOMEABURRO of any responsibility regarding technical availability of said web pages, the quality, reliability, accuracy and / or veracity of services, information, elements and / or content that the user can access in them. YOMEABURRO will not be indirectly or subsidiarily responsible for damages of any nature derived from:

  • A) The performance, unavailability, inaccessibility and the lack of continuity of the linked web pages.
  • B) The lack of maintenance and updating of the contents and services contained in the linked web pages.
  • C) Lack of quality, inaccuracy, unlawfulness, uselessness of the contents and services of the linked web pages.

Nullity and ineffectiveness of the clauses

If any of the clauses included in this section of «General Terms and Conditions of Use»Was declared totally or partially null or ineffective, these will only affect the provision in question or the part of it that is null or ineffective, subsisting the rest of incardinated clause, not including the affected clause.


All questions that arise between the owner of YOMEABURRO and the USERS regarding the interpretation, Compliance and validity of this Legal Notice will be governed by its own clauses and, failing, in accordance with Spanish legislation, the parties expressly submitting to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Seville.